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Why you should add Content Hub to your Marketing Hub.

Why you should add Content Hub to your Marketing Hub.

Discover how HubSpot Content Hub can power your marketing strategy, especially if you're already using Marketing Hub and CMS Hub.

Understanding Content Hub

Content Hub is the newest member of the HubSpot tools team. It is primarily designed to make it easier to create, manage and optimize your content for demand generation and relying primarily on the use of artificial intelligence. This includes many new things like podcasts, blog storytelling, content remix, translations to other languages, image and video generation and memberships, among many others.

It also includes all the functionalities of the former CMS, that is, the possibility of having your website in HubSpot and some other new features.

And the first thing you should know is that if you already have Marketing Hub and CMS Hub, you could add all this new part for only 100USD/EUR per month more . If you only use Marketing Hub you could add it from 300USD/EUR per month. I can assure you that the cost is nothing compared to the value you will get. But let me tell you a little more in detail about each of the new features so you can better appreciate it.

Being able to have your website on HubSpot

Content Hub absorbed the CMS functionality, meaning that users can now have their own website on HubSpot. Whether using a template from the marketplace or requesting the development of your own brand theme, the important thing here is to know that you can take advantage of all the advanced features of the HubSpot CRM to optimize your site, make it smart and boost your results.

In addition, web management becomes super simple, always from the same place, whether to create new pages, landing pages or blog articles. The experience is similar to the rest of the CRM which saves a lot of team time in its administration and allows the launch of campaigns more agile.

If you don't have your website on HubSpot yet and you have it on Wordpress, you can now take advantage of HubSpot modules and embed them on your Wordpress website. Why? To leverage mainly Smart content and creation by your Marketing team from the CRM, as with other content.Copy of Copy of Screenshot-ContentEmbed 2

Memberships (for web and blog)

This tool, previously only available in Enterprise licenses, allows you to create content based on contact lists, i.e. private content for specific groups of users. Each user logs in with his or her own credentials. It is ideal for customers (e.g. reports, access to signed documents), partners (dashboard with their referrals), and even for capturing new leads on your blog by requiring registration before accessing the reading.

Content generator with AI

Copy of SUIs_ContentHub_Content Remix 2

HubSpot Content's artificial intelligence assists in the creation of original and engaging content.

The AI Assistant for copywriting helps generate ideas and copy, while Content Remix allows you to repurpose existing content in new ways.

Campaign Assistant and Video Creation facilitate the production of multimedia content, and Content Translation with AI and Deepl offers the ability to reach a global audience by translating content in an efficient and natural way.

Brand Voice

Maintaining a consistent brand voice is crucial for brand recognition. The Brand Voice wizard enables companies to define and apply their brand voice throughout their content, ensuring that each piece reflects corporate identity and values.

This tool enables marketing teams to maintain consistent and professional communication across all channels, strengthening the connection with their audience. And it also allows Sales and Support teams to have resources in one place and aligned as well. In short, HubSpot can now write for you and sound like you too!


Copy of Copy of ContentHub_Icons_HD_Content_Management-2

Podcast production is another highlight of Content Hub. The platform facilitates the creation, distribution and analysis of podcasts, allowing companies to connect with their audience through this booming content format.

With specific tools for editing and promoting episodes, Content Hub is a valuable ally for brands looking to establish their voice in the digital audio world.

Article narration

As you'll see in this article you have the audio narration version of the post available. This option is enabled to add to your blog templates and create audios of articles already created. It is an excellent feature to add a new format for your readers.

Articulo con narración

Multi-language content

Content Hub adds to the tool the possibility of creating content in multiple languages with just one click. Relying on the famous Deepl translation tool, you can now select your web pages or blog articles and create their version in another language in a matter of seconds.

In addition, the AI assistant can assist you to easily translate content in social media posts or conversations.

Screenshot 2024-06-06 at 13.14.00

As you can see there are many tools that you could add to your team and that would bring a great benefit and time savings to your team.

You can start trying it now if you want to see what it's all about. And if you want to know more about how you can take advantage of Content Hub for your company, you can contact us here:




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