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HubSpot Onboarding

Understanding HubSpot Onboarding Process


What's with HubSpot Onboarding? We often get this question from first-time clients, and the answer is simple. Onboarding is your first step towards using HubSpot.

The part that might not be so clear is that it's more than just a basic setup. Why? Because onboarding involves reviewing or defining processes to fit your company's unique needs.

Often, onboarding can be the first time you truly reflect on how you operate. If it's been a while since you last did this, then consider this a fresh opportunity.

Unfortunately, many businesses underestimate its value due to lack of knowledge, budget constraints, the advice from "knowledgeable" friends, or the hate from people who suffered a bad implementation.

This oversight often results in costly reconfigurations or having to start over after a few months—not because the tools are inadequate but due to poor planning and lack of a supportive culture for adoption and execution.

There’s much more to the onboarding process than technical setup. It requires strategic work and business vision. The goal is to translate your business vision into the tool (the best possible way) because that will guide how you approach your objectives and how your company will react.

Onboarding sets you up for success...or failure.


Unsolicited comments

You wouldn't believe the wild excuses I've heard, let's call out 3 of them: DIY Onboarding Excuses.

1/ A friend's stepping in to help and she has worked with HubSpot before.

2/ We have proved HubSpot we are tech-savvy so we got a free pass for self-onboarding.

3/ It all seems like child's play (I mean HubSpot could practically make coffee), so we're going DIY style.

People spin tales in their heads just to dodge onboarding and feel good about it, but it's amazing how one can unwittingly shoot oneself in the foot.

Time and money circling down the drain!

A lot seems to be based on 'getting out' of onboarding, as in saving money. A downside of having sales people selling HubSpot instead of partners? I don't think partners would in general agree that waiving onboarding is a good idea.

In this market retention is at least as important as new deals surely? And managing expectations and ensuring accurate intake is one of the primary drivers of a successful adoption.

Its crazy to allow those deals through without this step IMO.

Yes! Good onboarding = better chance of adoption





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