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HubSpot Onboarding

Starting on HubSpot with 1 Hub or more?

Starting on HubSpot with 1 Hub or more?

When contracting HubSpot CRM, many companies wonder whether to start with only 1 Hub and then add another one, or whether to start with 2 or more at the same time. The answer of course depends on each case.

Although in Andimol our philosophy is that companies advance according to their maturity pace, we also know from experience that the internal processes of companies are all related. It is not about marketing on one side, sales on the other and outsourced customer support, but they are all part of the same strategy.

Benefits of starting with a HubSpot Hub bundle

Starting to work with more than one Hub in HubSpot (a bundle) has some particular benefits over starting from one section at a time:

  • Time savings: starting with a new system in your company takes time to organize processes, technical configurations, and team training. Just as if you are remodeling your house and want to do the work all at once, working with all the teams in your company at the same time will help you to get everyone on the same page, strengthening knowledge together and saving time in the future by redoing this process with only one team.
      • Also keep in mind that the cultural change, i.e. a change of mindset and way of working, which implies a change in process management should be at a general level in your company. This can only happen in the totality of the teams and not only in some people.
  • Lower total cost: Having many separate tools may be having a high cost for your company and you are not realizing it. Hiring more than one Hub on HubSpot, in addition to the time benefits mentioned above, can represent an economic savings in itself and you can also get a special discount (Ask us here).
      • Also having all your work tools in one place will save your team time and improve their productivity and your business visibility.
  • Alignment of internal teams: Involving all areas involved in the business will help you to have better alignment between teams, to avoid disconnections between them, to manage a language and maturity of information at the same level. You will see the benefits of having better aligned teams and processes that continue from one end of the business to the other.
  • Optimization of the work on shared information: As the work base of the Hubs is the database, the CRM itself, working this information with all areas of your company will help to better align marketing actions to get better prospects, increase the rate of closing sales and obtain satisfied customers.

What would be the ideal combination of Hubs to start in HubSpot?

  • Marketing & Sales: Generally, companies choose to start with this combination because the actions performed by marketing, such as demand generation and lead generation, must be continued by the sales team to close the sale. It is an excellent choice especially if you have many salespeople, your salespeople are spread out in different countries or if you have multiple business units.
  • Sales & Support: This combination is ideal for companies that have a complex or long-term post-sales onboarding process. For example, software companies, construction companies, travel agencies, among others. It is also ideal for those who offer support services and manage their orders through tickets. Using tickets on the same database that your sales team manages will keep your teams super aligned and give the customer an easy and frustration-free experience by having to explain everything to an external representative.
  • Marketing & Operations: Operations Hub is designed for the teams of RevOps, which are responsible for aligning the functions of marketing, sales and service and creating a customer experience without friction.The benefit of this combination is to be able to enhance the data model for reporting, automate tasks related to data quality, perform automated actions based on complex logic and conditions, use webhooks to send and receive data from external sources, use calculated properties to perform calculations on your data, and display the results in reports and dashboards, among other things.
  • Marketing & Sales & CMS: Marketing Hub, Sales Hub and CMS are three powerful tools that can help companies grow and succeed from generating and capturing demand in Marketing, manage their sales pipeline, automate their sales process and close more business. The CMS helps companies create and manage their website content assisted by AI, optimize it for search engines and personalize the user experience for your visitors. Using all three tools together, businesses can create a seamless customer experience from the first contact to the final sale, and beyond.

How do you know the best combination of HubSpot Hubs for your business?

The combination of Hubs you can use in HubSpot can be very varied and will depend on the business processes you want to professionalize. There is no single winning formula, but the one that best suits the current maturity and goals of your company.

The best combination of HubSpot Hubs for your business will also depend on where you feel or see the problem is in your company today and/or the opportunity to grow. Keep in mind that your processes evolve and so can your CRM implementation. You don't need to start with everything now, but have a clear roadmap of where to grow. There is always time to add a new process and a new Hub.

Whether your company uses many different disconnected platforms, your teams are misaligned or overwhelmed, there is a poor customer experience, or you are simply looking to professionalize, then you probably qualify to move forward with more than one Hub in HubSpot.

If you're not sure, of course we can talk to you, share other customers' experiences and advise you on the best choice for your company. At Andimol we have been working for more than 12 years helping companies to get started with HubSpot, to work on their processes and implement them in the CRM, to train their teams on how to use it and to improve performance and billing.

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