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HubSpot Onboarding

Manage your internal processes with Service Hub


Most companies think of CRM as a Sales and/or Marketing tool. Few companies, generally those in the SaaS space, use ticketing and customer support platforms. But did you know that HubSpot's service hub can help you with a wide variety of internal business processes? If you want to learn how to best leverage Service Hub for your business, read on. We'll tell you more.

What is HubSpot's Service Hub for?

Service Hub is HubSpot's customer support software that helps strengthen customer relationships and provides the ability to deliver authentic service and put the customer first. It is mainly oriented to customer service through the use of support tickets.

Its main functionalities are:

  • Ticket creation and management
  • Integrated communication center (Whatsapp, forms, chats, Facebook Messenger, email).
  • Incoming and outgoing calls
  • Recording of conversations for analysis
  • Satisfaction surveys (CSAT, NPS, CES)
  • Customer portal for consultation of generated tickets
  • Work guides for the customer service team
  • Knowledge base for self-management
  • Automations for follow-up

Los The most important thing is to emphasize that the entire work process of the Support team will be done on the same CRM database that Marketing and Sales work with, that is, it will share customer information with the rest of the company, and this will be updated and in real time. In this way the customer experience is more enjoyable since it allows to have information about what they bought, when, how they got to know the company and other queries they have had previously.

What internal processes can I work with Service Hub?

The sale is not the last point of contact with a customer. After the sale there are many other processes that are triggered, not only customer service in the event of a problem. In this video we are talking about both internal and external processes. Its in Spanish but you will get the picture and see the examples.


Here are some examples that we have implemented with our clients:

- Lead Qualification: Some companies need a previous lead qualification process where a SDR or a BDR works. This process is prior to the referral of these prospects to the sales team. This lead qualification process could also be implemented as a Sales process, although there would not be a business value/amount associated yet since it is the exploration of a business opportunity.

- Onboarding of new customers: this process aims to go through the steps that have to happen after the sale/signing of the contract to start working with the customer. For example, access to the system if it is a software company, confirmation of passenger data if it is a travel agency, confirmation of the purchase order.

- Invoicing / Administration: The administrative part can also have its internal management in Service Hub, from obtaining customer billing data to the collection of invoices issued.

- Project implementations: This process is useful for those companies that have long implementation processes, for example a construction or software development company. Here they will be able to have visibility of the status of each project in the corresponding current situation.

- Confirmation or Stock Control: Many companies selling products that before confirming the quotation, and/or after the sale, must have a process to control the available stock of the merchandise. This process can relate and interact live from and to the related sales process.

- Shipping: this process is fundamental for e-commerce in which there is a team that must prepare the orders after a closed business and send them to the customer.

- Returns/Exchanges/After Sales Support: the process of returning goods or money, handling exchanges or support in case of defects can also be worked as an internal process with the corresponding team.

- Contract renewals: all companies that work with their customers on a fixed-term contract should have a process that can alert them when the end date of the contract is near so that the corresponding team (sales or renewals) can begin renewal negotiations. This way no customer is lost due to lack of action by the team.

- Updating your customer file: Keeping your database up to date is critical and many times companies change addresses or phone numbers. A member of your team will have a process in place to make the necessary changes and confirm that the data is up to date.

- Product updates published in e-commerce: Keeping your products available and updated on the web is not a task to take lightly. If the process has several stages and people responsible for carrying it out, then you should have your internal process set up in Service Hub.

Other less conventional processes in the Service Hub

- Recruiting: Companies that are in permanent search of personnel (whether temporary personnel or HR consultants) can count on a personnel selection process that consists of all the stages from the interview, the presentation of the candidates, the psycho-technical and pre-occupational tests to the incorporation of the new candidate. Thus, from the sales side, the HR consulting firms will work on obtaining their own clients, while from the Services side the candidates will be offered to them. The candidates obtained in this process can also become a custom CRM object called Candidates (if your HubSpot license enables it).

- Event organization: More and more companies are organizing or participating in industry events. And although the organization of events is not the main business activity, they must organize everything from the reservation of the stand to the material or personnel that will be available on the day of the event. This organization consumes team time and resources and can be carried out from an internal process in the Service Hub. There may also be a similar process for ordering marketing material (banners, pens, brochures).

- Work with 3ros: Those companies that work with 3ros as design or content agencies, can carry out the organization of their orders from here. It would be similar to having a Trello or Asana process, but within the same CRM.

These are just a few examples of internal processes that companies are already working on from the Service Hub. And of course all these processes can and should have their associated measurement and performance reports.

If you need to implement your internal processes but can't figure out whether Sales Hub or Service Hub is the best option, we can help you.

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